A Thriving
Needs Great

Creating More Choices
For Fast Internet

With multiple family members at home using internet connection for work, virtual healthcare, entertainment and school, high-speed internet has become a 21st century necessity. 4K streaming, virtual reality and other future technologies all rely on a world with reliable connection and increasingly powerful internet speeds. Holland’s proposed millage would install city-wide fiber optic infrastructure to connect Holland to a vibrant future.

Open Access.
Shared Infrastructure.

All qualified internet service providers will be able to use this Open Access fiber network, expanding your choices for high-performance, affordable internet. Just like city roads, this would be shared infrastructure, which will allow more providers to offer services, driving competition and better prices.

Faster and Affordable.

Holland BPW is a nonprofit entity, and as such we pass along our savings to our customers. We expect the total out-of-pocket cost for residents will be competitive with what other providers charge today, but with much faster speeds and greater reliability. With speeds up to 10 gigabits, this infrastructure will provide for the needs of today and for our community’s future.

August 2 Millage:
A Community Investment

On August 2, Holland residents will vote on a millage for Holland City Fiber to install city-wide fiber optic infrastructure for the City of Holland. The millage would levy up to 1.5 mills the first year and an estimated 1.12 mills each year after for the life of the bond.

A millage commitment by the residents of Holland would spread the cost over up to 25 years to minimize the individual annual cost while providing more choices for internet providers as well as potential faster speeds and higher reliability.

By proposing a community investment, Holland has the opportunity to build fiber infrastructure in an equitable way, reaching every neighborhood in the City of Holland.


Individual tax costs for the millage depend on your taxable property value.* Use the tool below to search for your address and find your property’s taxable value.

*Please note that taxable value is NOT the same as the market value that you paid for your home. It’s usually about half (e.g. a market value of $200,000 on a principal residence is usually taxable at about $100,000).


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